Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a tiny piece...

and there is
a tiny piece
of you
in everything

I do.

someone once told me
that every
relationship we have
gifts us something
takes something away.

I hope you liked the movie photos.
I bought them
the day you got the job.

I so wanted to keep them
for myself,
but everytime I looked at them,
they reminded me
of you...

And last Xmas,
sitting by your side,
while you intensely looked
at a movie poster
of 'the Dark Crystal'.

I felt a tingle,
goosebumps in my hair,
or perhaps

a good disturbance in the Force.

There's a partial eclipse today.
It got me thinking:

Why is it so easy
to find company,
but so much harder to find
that wants
to share
their life with you?

So much has happened in the last eight weeks!
I am blessed.
Blessed beyond belief!

I have more in my life
right now
than I have ever had.

And I'm
finally back in that place
I was (in June of last year):

Truly living in the moment.

And there is
a tiny piece
of you
in everything

I do.

(c) Brent M Harpur, 2011.

"Wings? I don't have wings."
"Of course not! You're a boy!!"
(Jen & Kira, 'The Dark Crystal'.)