Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I Have Seen Her Shadows & I Am Still Unafraid...

In my black & white world,
she is a colourful blaze /

A vision of beauty
I cannot erase.

Behind closed lids,
we all see lightning flashes /

but nothing comes close to
those exquisite eyelashes.

In every road and every path,
her smile I still see /

I'm all at once lost and found,
trapped & yet free.

Since I met her, my every season is now Spring.

And I have a feeling
that all will be alright /

And when I sleep now, in my dreams
I am alone,

yet I'm blessed with perfect sight.

A new Year, a new Me, a new set of Wings /

I contemplate love,
and other silly things.

I contemplate love
& the freedom it brings.

I contemplate love...

And my heart...



(c) Brent Harpur, 2015.

“Adventures do occur, but not punctually.
Life rarely gives us what we want at the moment we consider appropriate.”
(E.M. Forster, 'A Passage to India'.)