Monday, December 8, 2014

joy, part one...

 Hot, wet tears roll down my face. Tears of utter, complete joy.
Through the tears, I splutter:

"Why have you done all this, all these lovely, amazing things...? For me?"
In that wonderful, earth-stopping accent, she simply replies:

"Because you do it for everyone else."

She melts my heart (yet again), like the chocolate I am holding in my hands.
She gets inside me and finds places no one else ever has.
I find myself telling her things about me I have told no one. Ever. Why?
Not because I feel safe. But because for the first time in forty-six years, I feel completely comfortable being the real me
with another beautiful soul & human being.
No bullshit, no games, no ego, no bodyparts. Just me.

Why do I cry? Why do I tell her these things?
Simply because I (finally) feel I've met someone that might like to
get to know, share and enjoy the real me.
For one person at least, the Scorpio mask has
(finally) completely fallen away!!

Best. Present. Ever.

And certainly one of the best days ever
(in forty-six long-short years)...

The World Awaits. The World Begins.

(c) Brent Harpur, 1/12/2014.

"You only live once... But if you do it right, once is enough."
(Mae West)