Saturday, January 12, 2013

a new year and a new purple suit...

A New Year has finally begun...
Bring it on!
I have had more than enough of the last!! 

One door in my heart closes,
an older one re-opens.

Such a fickle, fickle heart.

And what have I learnt from the
last twelve months...?

Only that
if someone ever asks me
to break contact
with someone very dear to me

that this is not a good idea.

I'll try to remember that,
if there is a next time.

We had some great moments.
And it has been a long while
since someone's poetry made me cry.

I have read a lot of poetry in my lifetime
that made me cry,
but only because it was so bad.

I really appreciated you
letting me play with
your expensive camera.

That felt really special.
And I think I even learnt a few things.

I bought myself a new camera for Xmas,
and that purple suit.

We created some great art together,
and no one can ever take that away.

It belongs to the world now.

(even if, for now,
 I have chosen to put most of it
 into a cardboard box)

Don't be sad, now.
I wanted to write something beautiful,
but your breakup ettiquette
was sadly immature.

The only line I could come up with was:

"We gave it a really good go,
& we tried our best /

But lovers shouldn't have to wear
bulletproof vests."

This is what I wish for you, now

(and everyone else I know too)

in this brand new year...

That butterflies eventually
find the courage
to leave their cocoons /

And that men & women stop finding
(in each other)
the teeth to match their wounds.

And men & women stop finding
(in each other)

the teeth to match their wounds.

Here it is,
The Year of the Snake...

With some outside help,
I am slowly learning...

To hiss,

but not

to bite.

(c) Brent M Harpur, 2013.

"Courage is just an accumulation of tiny steps." (Pooh Bear)