Sunday, May 6, 2012

11:11 (inspired by a photograph)

I look at your photograph
(the one where you look as if
  you are looking back at me)

From time to time.

And if someone
took a minute to tell the stars
how beautiful they are

Would they still continue to shine?

Last night
I dreamt
that I licked the salt
from the chest of a mermaid.

She tenderly touched my face
& ran her wet fingers
through my hair.

Glancing up into the evening sky
I noted there were no stars.
Only a full, beautiful Cancerian moon.

This morning,
I found tiny traces of sand
in the sheets of my bed.

I want to be the nature

that blooms inside you.
Or the tiny flicker of red
you see behind closed lids,
when you turn your face towards the sunlight.

I want to light a fire in your darkness,

and attempt to steal
the pain
from your bones,
soul & very core.

Someone once wrote
that only pain truly teaches the steps,
so let's dance!!

Not every oyster contains
a pearl,
but if you are patient enough

you'll see a fern unfurl.

According to Maori,
Taniwha created
the scarred valleys of this ancient land
with a thrash of his tail.

With a little (combined) magic
and belief
in the power of art,

what could we achieve
alone / together?

from the darkest corners
& shadows
a flower defies the cold
and grows
tall, blazing & strong.

And sometimes,
in the blackest skies
a solitary sun burns
brighter than ten thousand stars.

I read
in a children's book today
that our Sun
is only
a hundred times bigger
than the Earth.

I am (both) surprised & delighted to remember this.

on my pillow
before I close my eyes to sleep
I find subtle traces of stardust.

I have nothing
of real value to offer you.

But glancing over at the clock,
I note the time...


This is my gift for you.

The next time
you glance at fhe time
in your far away (yet close) universe,

and it says

close your eyes for a brief minute.

Listen to your heart
gently thumping inside your chest.
Feel the cool/warm breath
in your nose, mouth & lungs.

And for sixty seconds,
think of me.

I will be
right there with you.

I look at your photograph
(the one where you look as if
   you are looking back at me)

from time to time.

And if someone
took a minute to tell the stars
how beautiful they are


(c) Brent Harpur, 2012.
"Sail on Silver Girl, Sail on by.
  Your time has come to shine. All your dreams are on their way."
  (Paul Simon/Art Garfunkel)

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