Sunday, February 17, 2013

if (indeed) these words were waves...

sits up
and notices you
when you are up on stage,
But I,
I noticed you
way before you hit the stage,
in the half light,
talking affectionately
about your home.
Your gentle smile,
it took me by surprise,
leaving me more than a little
& lost for words.
It meant the world to me
 that you liked my poetry.
And nearing night's end,
if indeed I had found the courage
to stay a while and talk to you...
if (indeed) these words
were waves...
I would have offered you
an ocean.
Long after the sugar has subsided
(from my peanut butter parfait
 with chocolate fudge sauce
 & choc torte)
I still cannot sleep.
I think of your smile,
and the opening chug chug
of your oh so sexy bass guitar.
Let all the other boys line up
after your show
and be your groupies...
It was enough
 (and it really did
  mean the world to me)
  that you liked my poetry.
If (indeed)
one day I find the courage
and if these words
were waves...
I will offer you
an ocean.
Or, at the very least...
A shy smile,
and your very own plate
(all to yourself)
peanut butter parfait
with chocolate fudge sauce
& choc torte.
the best dessert
I have ever had!!
(c) Brent M Harpur, 12th February, 2013.
"Square one, my slate is clear
  Rest your head on me my dear
  It took a world of trouble, it took a world of tears
  It took a long time to get back here."
Tom Petty)
- For P.

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