Sunday, May 5, 2013

tiny heart / shell...

while out walking by the sea,
I found a tiny shell on the beach.
I held it up to my ear,
and heard
a tiny heartbeat inside.
And at that beautiful, yet brief
 tender-like-the-tide moment
I realised
it wasn't a shell at all,
but a tiny heart.
Your heart.
And as I held it to my ear,
I heard the sounds of:
tail tangled seahorses riding on waves,
distant satellites chirping & chattering, serenading the stars,
waves laplaplapping on sea-worn hulls,
lighthouses guiding but not assisting,
hermit crabs moving house for the sixteenth time this year.
And I also heard
amongst all these other
sea-like sounds,
(in this tiny heart-shell)...
my heart.
And the sunset tonight
is the brightest, most intense orange
I have ever seen.
(c) Brent M Harpur, 2013.
- For JKH.
"Please / Man ain't supposed to live alone / No that ain't what he needs / He needs to find a home /    With someone else that needs a man / A man that needs a home / Man ain't supposed to live alone."
(Josh Ritter)

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