Saturday, June 29, 2019

Twin Moons...

I have gobbled the full moon up,

swallowed her whole!
She has become as much
a part of me now
as my fingers,
my heart & skin.

I have become many things over time,
I'll try really hard
to be patient & kind -
it came so much more
naturally to you.

But I guess we become
just as much a part
of the things
we leave behind.

I'll never forget
how easily
our fingers entwined
the first day we met.

I have
lost all reference
of the sky now,

comfortable yet blind.

And what good
are these words
without your flesh or skeleton
to hang them upon?
I offer up your ghost
and your memory
to the moon
that now swims & swirls
inside of me.

Gemini moon:
this Winter's night,
she has really split me in two!

But maybe that's her point,
and what she's supposed to do?

words they free us
but mostly
they bind -
I'll try really hard
to be patient & kind.

Yes, I'll try
really damn hard
to be....

Oh. Never mind.

Three nights in,
deep in my stomach
and insides
I can still feel
her lunar blush & pull.

It's all making me feel
a little sick
& extremely hard
(for myself and the tide)
to sleep.

Perhaps, in hindsight,
it wasn't such a wise idea
consuming a celestial body?

it was all I could do /
to stop those
nagging thoughts of you!!

Should I (again) be blessed,
should a mutual love
(like the rare one we shared)
come visit
or pass this way
once more...

This is my message, for you
so you'll recognise me.
And for others
looking on, lingering:

"I am no longer afraid!"

But I'm a little wiser.
Braver, too.
I have swallowed the moon
and (along with her)

And if you ask me to
I'll try really hard to forget
how easily our fingers

on that first day we met.

(c)Brent M Harpur, 29/ 6 /2019.

 (For P. & your wonderful lunar blush.)

"As if you were on fire from within /
 The moon lives in the lining of your skin."
 (Pablo Neruda)

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