Thursday, March 31, 2011

in vancouver aquarium, of all places...

i seem to have found my feet again,
sleep & appetite have slowly returned

(i'm even remembering to shave)

and the sadness dissipates
every time i think of 
the many 
beautiful firsts
& adventures we've shared

memories sprout in my mind,
a garden grows in my imagination 
(a sunflower blooms in my chest, where once my heart was)
i'm trying to be in
the angry phase now
but you did
so many amazing things for me,
i just can't be angry with you

(maybe i can be angry at you
for not giving me a reason
to want to be angry at you)

although watching 'Dexter' on my own,
it is just not the same
and just for the record,

i was just as surprised as you
that you discovered

blue butterflies

in Vancouver Aquarium, of all places

(c) Brent M Harpur, 2011.

"Do not cut down the tree that gives you shade." (Arabian proverb)

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