Saturday, October 22, 2011

Star-fire light my way...


Precious night, she trembles!!
light my way.

If I'm not destined
to move inside her
heavenly skies tonight,
let me instead lie here
- close, yet far...

At her gentle-loud side.
Drink from fierce tide
& ragged constellation;
Sup from heavenly core,
leave her wanting



Tongue in bellybutton,
fingers in mouth,
lips nibbling ear,
warm breath on perfect back.

Let me
feast upon her shame,
replace it with
fiery-wet kisses & heart tremors;

Oh! Precious night,
she trembles!!

Goosebumps rise,
a perfect disguise:
Sun rise,
Sun set,
Sun rise!!

I can feel her heart beating
in her fingerprints.

Taste her DNA in the salty sweat
on her swan-like neck.

Catch a glimpse of heaven now
in her star-fire eyes.

Her touch ignites this blank canvas.


God, he has forsaken me -
or perhaps I him?

But maybe (through her) he has returned?
Her kisses awaken me,
like Lazarus.

Maybe he is offering this heathen
one last chance
(one last heavenly dance)...?

To see.

And to walk together,
hand in trembling hand;
skip, run, laugh, sing

& have a picnic
(feast on unending avocado & mango):

in Paradise's Garden.

Precious night, she trembles!!
light my (her/our)

(c) Brent M Harpur, October, 2011.

(This is not a poem. Merely words that I recently transcribed from the goosebumps/braille that rose on someone's perfect shoulders & upper back, while giving them a massage...)

"I'm an hour from arriving,
Three from where I rose to go -
And maybe two from where I'll find you,
Between the world and all I know."
(Joe Henry)

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