Friday, October 28, 2011

star in pisces...

And I long
for that ancient
astronomer's song;

I turn my telescope
beneath skin
and chest
and bone...

You shine
oh so brightly in there,
my dear!

To kiss you in that place
when Van gogh painted
'Starry Starry Night'.

You know the place I mean:
That sacred place,
where paint-stained brush
it kisses the blank canvas
for the very first time.

But until
your tender fever burn &
eventual return;
the first bird of dawn,
its sweet song
will be all to keep me warm

come distant morning.

And, as I close my eyes,
maybe tonight
I'll be entertained by your company
(and sweet touch) -

In slumber.

For, since tasting
your lips
that (first) sweet time,
I now:

live in dream
dream in life.

(is this what it feels like to be a Pisces star?)

I relax (a little)
in comfort, knowing...
that even though
(from this earthbound window
 & failing cornea)

I cannot see your star:

I sense (by intuition alone)
that you are out there...




Igniting the heavens
in a million shades of
purple, red & blue!

Beyond compare!! -
All the other stars in the night sky
pale (and quiver and sigh)
by your
& unique beauty.

even though
I have a funny way of showing it
(in my shy & private way):

I am truly blessed
to have you here...

in my

universe. *

(c) Brent M Harpur, 2011.

* PS: (I make no apologies at this point for appearing the sentimental fool...)

"If the Sun and Moon should ever doubt/
They'd immediately go out."
(William Blake)

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