Wednesday, September 26, 2012

and only you...

my dear!

only you...

Can come to visit

and make me feel
like it is me


that has gone on holiday!!

And my little bedsitter
(now that you have gone again)

feels so


& quiet.

I close my eyes,
and I can still see you:

in my kitchen cutting up pineapple,

in my bathroom putting on your makeup,

in my living room pulling on your boots.

The birds outside my window
are missing your laughter.

My stereo misses your i-pod
and Tim Finn.

I am enjoying
(so, so much)
the book that you left me,

and I am not wanting it to end.

Not just because
it is such a good book,

but after I finish it

I will be forced to admit
how much I am missing you...

And only reading the book
as a distraction.

On my table
are the lilies I bought for you,

they are open, awake, so alive.

In a few more days,
they will be dead.

But I will still
to throw them out,

because they remind me of this last week
and you.

I close my eyes,
and I can still see you:

eating chocolate ice cream,

pulling up my shirt & leaning into me,

smiling that smile
that fills me with delight!!

 did you come from?

By my side
(I cannot hide it, girl):

I am the luckiest man alive.


When you hold my hand,
it fits right!

When you put your arm around me,
it feels right!!

You left lunchtime yesterday.

I gave you a silver ring at the airport,
engraved with three words

that only you and I get.

And I didn't remember until after I climbed
into the bus back to the city
that it was
four months to the day

since you first kissed me.

And as I gather up my things
to leave the house

(and face another day without you):

I pick up my bag
and delight in finding
one of your hair ties

by my front door.

I smile (hard & wide),
snatch it up carefully
and put it in my pocket...

like some rare jewel,
 a lucky talisman...

Something to put my fingers on
from time to time,
away from the world's view,

a tiny piece of you.

A reminder that it
wasn't merely a sweet dream


you were here.

Here in my arms.

Here in my tiny bedsitter.

Here in my world.

And here in my life

for four days
 & three precious nights...

my dear!

Only you...

Can come to visit

and make me feel
like it is me


that has gone on holiday!!

(c) Brent M Harpur, 2012.

"Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine." (Song of Solomon 1: 2)

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