Sunday, September 30, 2012

five ocean songs...


I will take this
fullest of moon
from night sky,
feel its tingle & burn
on my fingertips
and on my palm.

I offer it to you,
my love,
my precious mermaid;

it shimmers & glows
like a giant pearl

reflected in your tide-like eyes.


My tiny boat is adrift
upon your familiar sea /

All I ask
is that you anchor me.

With fading eye
& a cornea I borrow /

Thank you for providing
a star to follow...


Without you near,
I'm in the dark belly of a whale /

but I still offer this ocean's song
and a seahorse tail.

Your smile / pure light,
it'll help guide me through these rocks /

Til I am safe (once more)
in your arms and your docks.


What was that
(just now?)

Was it the sound
of a distant mermaid
 that sighed?

Or just a gentle lapping
on my hull

 by a moon-swept tide??


Beautiful Cancerian Crab:

As you close your eyes
(to sleep) tonight,

take me tenderly
in your claw.

Teach this
(sometimes) timid Scorpion

to ride those waves
& to trust again.

And to fear
this water

no more.

 And to fear
 this water no more...

(c) Brent M Harpur, 2012.

"Stranded starfish have no place to hide / still waiting for the swollen Easter tide." (Peter Gabriel, 'Here Comes the Flood'.)

(For E & the wonderful, magical full moon that have both weaved their spells & inspired/enchanted me this weekend...)

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