Thursday, October 11, 2012

solitary clocktower glow...

There's a girl I know
who lives at the top of a rainbow.
I offer her a
solitary clocktower glow
and some mid-summer snow.
And in some dreams
I remember
from night,
in her presence I am blessed
with perfect sight.
For when she smiles
(better than chocolate)
I know
"everything's going to be alright".
I just know
everything is going to be all right.
When I close my eyes now,
I can still feel my entire self
(from fingertips to soul)
inside her.
(c) Brent M Harpur, 2012.
"I don't wanna fight! I don't wanna fight!! I'm a lover, lover, lover!!!" (Mike Campbell)
"Is this how it feels...? Is this how it feels...? Is this how it feels... To find love?"  (Don McGlashan, 'the Muttonbirds'.)

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