Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gypsy Pirate Spirit (I am not afraid)

I am not that smart,
nor (indeed) brave.
And my art,
it doth no longer
Who am I trying to save?
I eat stars,
like unripe apples
& nearly choke
on fiery cores /
Am lost, yet found.
Love's biggest fool,
and yet
Love's biggest cause.
A cause hopeful or hopeless,
I will let you, dear reader,
And they say
that a one-eyed man is King
in the Valley of the Blind /
But my heart is like a prison
in which I lie confined.
I'll drink all thee world's oceans
just to find her shore /
My wretched soul
a restless castaway,
doomed to forever

And yet!
And yet,
lest I damn forget!!
I would give it all up,
give it all away,
I hope she'll understand /
For just one moment
in her company,
to one last time
her salt-stained hand.
I am merely
a Gypsy Pirate,
on these decks tonight
more than a little
seasick & homesick
and possessed
by the fullest of full moon /
countless loves
and lovers,
Gone too soon.
But today,
on this Friday Good,
I confess /
I will eat my bodyweight
in chocolate,
no less!!
It is true
that many a fair maiden
got my body & my bed /
But you were
one of the few (my dear)
that got my heart
(but much
 more important than that)
my head.
You left, I stayed.
And I am no longer afraid!
I still do not know
 who I am trying to save /
But I am no longer afraid!!
And much
in the same (yet different) way
that the clouds tonight
hold (briefly)
onto the moon,
I (too)
hold onto memories
of holding the salt-stained
hand of
a lovely mermaid...
Now I finally see / it was only me
 that I was trying to save...
And I will never
 ever (ever)
 be afraid.
 I am
 no longer

(c) Brent M Harpur, 2013.
"Art should comfort the disturbed & disturb the comfortable." (Cesar Cruz)
"All art requires courage." (Anne Tucker)

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