Monday, March 25, 2013

not many words that rhyme with orange...

I am in Byron.
I have not slept for nearly
twenty-four hours.
I close my eyes,
lie here in early morning sun
and behind closed lids
I see orange.
It warms me, comforts me.
It makes me think of you
at Central station
in your orange dress,
drinking orange juice from a bottle.
I had forgotten
that this
is only the second time
we had met.
Once before,
a year & a half ago
at a conference in Melbourne.
I drew you
and we talked about your Dad,
perhaps one of the best conversations
I have ever had.
when I draw people
I don't do a lot of talking.
I let the other person talk
and give the illusion I am multi-tasking.
But it is quite an effort
to talk (really talk, to engage)
and draw at the same time.
I think we, (however)
might have had a real connection that day...
And now, this second time.
I can remember
every single thing we talked about
during our first meeting,
as if it was only yesterday.
I feel very comfortable
when I talk with you.
This is not
always the case,
when it comes to talking with girls...
WIth you, I am not so shy.
A little braver, perhaps bolder?
I had forgotten
 how gorgeous your smile was.
And I am more than a little
 mesmerised by your accent...
You too, (like me)
are not from this part of the world.
We agree,
this is a very strange place
While we talk,
time does not exist. I do not notice
the thousands of others
bustling around us like ants...
We talk easily about
your sister getting married,
and love. *
And just as
the conversation is starting to get really interesting,
it is time to board my train for Byron...
I wish so, so much
that you could accompany me to the Premiere.
We hug goodbye.
A real hug,
the kind I miss
and don't get enough of in my life.
Is that your soul I can feel
touching mine
as we hold each other?
I close my eyes,
we hold each other so close
and I see orange.
In those arms I feel so safe & warm.
I kiss you on the cheek goodbye.
You blow me a kiss.
I look away for a moment,
and you are gone.
I look down
and see your unfinished orange juice
on the cafe table.
It makes me smile,
and think of your orange dress.
Travel well, Gentle/Strong Aries Soul!!
I will think of you often
and that wonderful smile...
It is true.
There are not many words
that rhyme with orange.
I have so little to offer you.
But maybe I could offer:
A gentle heart,
a genuine smile
and a generous soul.
Would that be enough?
* And love? What of love??
My heart has seen
so much action lately,
and yet I am still
not really sure what love is...
But of one thing
I am sure.
I am ready now.
I am ready...
To love
and to be loved.
...And if the right girl comes along,
    to make beautiful babies!!!
(c) Brent M Harpur, 2013.

"But logic never could convince the heart!!" (Colin Raye)


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