Thursday, June 14, 2012

erotic dream #1 / I can still taste raspberries...

This is not a poem. It is a dream I just had...

"You're sitting in front of me. You smile. I smile. You put your hand roughly on the back of my neck. You kiss me hard, our lips & tongues so wet, sweet, fevered, alive!! You taste of raspberries, your hair smells faintly of vanilla... I awake with a start! Turned on, so hard, so filled with lightning. A dream so vivid, so real. In the darkness I reach out for your face on the pillow, but you're not here. I am alone, so alive, but so alone. I long for your fire!! And in my mouth, on my tongue, I can still taste raspberries..."

Brent M Harpur, 14/6/2012, 18:56pm.

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